Last night was a busy one for big film premieres in Europe - but while the Irish flag was flying at the Berlinale, a few famous names were hoisting one for Arrakis over London.

Before ‘Dune: Part II’ even had a chance to screen, however, the red carpet of the world premiere at London’s Leicester Square was already causing quite a stir - largely thanks to the unusual attire of Zendaya.

The actress, who plays Chani in both the sci-fi sequel and its first installment in 2021, adopted a costume that looks remarkably like a character from another iconic sci-fi franchise.

Fans couldn’t help but compare her incredibly uncomfortable-looking attire to C-3PO from 'Star Wars', while others simply wondered how difficult it’d be for her to need to use the facilities…

Thankfully, she later changed from her vintage Thierry Mugler couture from 1995 into something a bit less… painful-looking.

Meanwhile, the appearance of actress Anya Taylor-Joy (‘The Queen’s Gambit’) was puzzling to many, until it was revealed that she, too, is amongst the star-studded cast of Denis Villeneuve’s film.

Taylor-Joy kept details of her character under wraps, only to say that you “have to see the film” on as big a screen as possible.

‘Dune: Part II’ is released in cinemas on March 1st.