Do we need to do an overview of the drama around Zack Snyder and 'Justice League', or are we all good? All good? Great, let's move on.

The new trailer for 'Justice League' has landed online, and already, the trailer's causing quite a stir with die-hard fans of the director's long-awaited cut. As you'll see in the trailer, there's plenty of new CGI scenes, lots of shots of Darkseid swinging that hammer of his, Batman, Wonder Woman, Cyborg, all the greatest hits.

Why, Jared Leto's Joker even gives all the edgelords what they really want - him saying that we live in a society. It's all there, as much as you can stand it, and it's all happening, finally. At long last. And once this movie is out, we will never, ever, have to speak of it again.

There will, at long last, be a great and glorious silence. Finally.

The Snyder Cut of 'Justice League' arrives on HBO Max on March 18th. It's not yet clear when it will be available on this side of the Atlantic, but our guess is it'll be in cinemas once they're allowed to open - so, probably, 2026 at the current things are progressing here?

Good times. Here's the trailer.