That's if Nicolas Winding Refn is to be believed - he does change his mind an awful lot.

However, this has been the most equivocal the Danish director's been about the fate of a Drive sequel in quite some time and it shouldn't really come as much of a shock. In a recent interview, Refn was challenged about making three Pusher films but only one Drive film, prompting the question.

His answer? "No, there will never be a second Drive movie."

Well, that's no surprise when you consider he made Only God Forgives to complete tear down what came before. The interview, which is worth a read if you're a fan of Refn's work, does explore a lot of his motivations for making Only God Forgives.

One particular point he raised was about how Only God Forgives was specifically different from Drive and how he almost wanted to go against the grain on it. "I wasn’t worried so much about the reception personally, I was worried about the economics, because what really drives this business is money. So I just had to make sure it made money, which it did, thank God. When you knowingly go into destroy something that had been universally loved, by doing something completely different, it’s always scary. But it’s the only way to continue."

He's an odd one, to be sure, but there's no denying that Neon Demon's going to be one of those films that'll burn an image into the back of your head for days to come. We'll have the full review on that in the next couple of days, but in the meantime, here's the best Movie Tie-In Song of the past ten years.