After Stallone posted a photoshopped image of Ivan Drago and Adonis Creed facing one another on Instagram a few months ago, it looks like it wasn't just idle speculation.

In another Instagram post from Stallone, the actor / screenwriter confirmed that he's completed the script for Creed 2 and that Ivan Drago will appear in some shape or form in it. Stallone's 120-page script doesn't have a director or production start date yet, as both Michael B. Jordan and Creed director Ryan Coogler have a certain Marvel superhero film to complete - namely, Black Panther.


For the record, Dolph Lundgren is now 59 and still in decent shape, but the idea of Drago stepping into the ring to fight a 30-year-old man seems a little odd. However, stranger things have happened in real-life boxing. George Foreman boxed until he was 48, whilst Larry Holmes' professional career ended when he was 53.

It's not totally unconceivable, but let's get one thing straight before this goes any further. If he doesn't say, "You vill lose," or "I must break you," then Creed 2 will have all been for naught. Simple as that.


Via Instagram