Although cinemas are known to vary ticket prices during peak hours and for certain attractions with a film, i.e. 3D or IMAX, a new "blockbuster tax" is now being put into effect in certain cinema chains.

With the release of Spectre last weekend and Star Wars: The Force Awakens in December, cinemas are now adding on to the cost of cinema tickets. In certain cinemas around the country, ODEON are adding on an extra €1.00 to the price of tickets for films that are in high demand.

The price-hike in ODEON lasts for approximately three to four weeks. With Spectre, the prices will return to normal from November 15th - almost three weeks after the film's initial release. For Star Wars: The Force Awakens, the price hike lasts until January 3rd, almost four weeks after its release.

ODEON aren't the only cinema chain to hike prices for certain films. In Vue Liffey Valley, a Standard ticket for a screening of Brooklyn at 7PM will cost you €9.99 whilst a screening of Spectre on the same day at 5.50PM will cost you €10.99.



So why do it? A spokesperson for ODEON says that since "last year we’ve been offering guests a wide choice of films and entertainment with a flexible pricing policy. So like many cinemas, theatres and leisure venues, our ticket prices vary depending on location, the type of entertainment we’re showing, seat type, time since release, the age of our guests and the number of people booking at one time (for example family tickets are cheaper than buying separately)."

"This gives our guests plenty of choice and the opportunity to enjoy discounts and promotions during quieter periods, with all pricing options clearly listed in our cinemas and online."

Whilst it's nothing to new to charge extra for the latest gadget, hiking prices for blockbusters is something that hasn't been done before. Spectre is now the fastest film to reach €2,000,000 in box-office receipts in Ireland, which may be thanks in part to this 'blockbuster tax' that's been added to tickets.

It's the same over in England, with various cinema chains hiking up cinema tickets for certain films. The question we're asking is this - would you pay extra to see a blockbuster film?

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