Idris Elba as James Bond is a rumour that's been around for years, almost as long as that one about Quentin Tarantino directing a 'Star Trek' movie.

The difference between these two is that Tarantino is actually now directing a 'Star Trek' movie and, sadly, Idris Elba playing James Bond is a continuing pipe-dream for anyone who wants to see Stringer Bell slapping the snot out of Blofeld for two hours. The most recent churning of the rumour mill came from a report by Brit tabloid The Daily Star who claimed that Fuqua told them he had a conversation with Barbara Brocolli, the producing impresario who's steered the Bond franchise for the past two decades.

According to that interview, Fuqua supposedly told the Daily Star - and nobody else, mind - that he had a conversation with Broccoli about the next instalment of the series and that "it was time" for a black actor to play Bond. This, of course, kicked everything off and a few days later, Fuqua's reps are now saying not only is it not true, but that the conversation never took place.

"He never had a conversation with Barbara about the franchise or about any casting. It’s all made up stuff. Not sure how it got started," Fuqua's reps told industry bible THR. Just to underline the point, Idris Elba has released no comment on the story and it's understood that nobody from EON Productions or Brocolli have made any kind of moves to contact Elba either.

So, there you have it. Daniel Craig is still safe for his fifth turn as Bond, Idris Elba can go back to directing indie thrillers like 'Yardie', and we can all go about our lives like none of this ever happened. The point to remember about all this is that no matter how much you might want something to be real, you can't put your trust in British tabloids.