We reported recently on the X-Men: Dark Phoenix opening being sub-par for a lengthy franchise that has, collectively at least, turned a solid profit for Fox.

But now it's been revealed by industry site Deadline just how much money the film is projected to lose for the studio - which was recently purchased by Disney in a multi-billion dollar deal.

The film, which was scheduled to be a two-parter until Fox execs saw a cut, is estimated to lose somewhere between $100 - $120 million. Similarly to Solo: A Star Wars Story, part of the blame for this is likely the budget being hiked up to facilitate additional re-shoots.

With the finished global box-office tally likely somewhere from $285 - $325 million that lives the production firmly in the red, with reviews universally terrible.

Expect a reboot very soon with Disney, and in turn the wider Marvel universe, now open to these characters.

Should've thrown the bank at Ryan Reynolds and Deadpool...