This year's cinema releases have been much less grand than previous years, owing to the fact that a good number of blockbusters were simply kicked to 2021.

However, this year saw the likes of 'Tenet' and, now 'Wonder Woman 1984' make their way to the cinema - despite the fact that audience numbers are reduced in many places, not to mention that we're still in a pandemic.

At any rate, early reviews for 'Wonder Woman 1984' have begun to make their way online and the reaction so far appears to be quite good. While official reviews - including our own - won't drop until the day before the release, things are looking positive.

Here's a selection of reviews from US outlets and reviewers.

Erik Davis - Fandango

Ben Mekler - 'Final Space' creator

Terri Schwartz - IGN


Brandon Davis -


Amy Ratcliffe - Author


Eric Eisenberg -