It just makes you love the actor even more.

If you've seen 'Bram Stoker's Dracula' from 1992, you'll know how much of a mixed bag the movie was received by fans of the original work it's been based on. Francis Ford Coppola's gothic reinterpretation of the original novel by the Irish author is full of cheesiness, which warrants more than a few eyebrow-raising moments (mostly down to Gary Oldman as the titular antagonist). The horror also stars Winona Ryder and Keanu Reeves, and the former has spoken about how pleasurable it was to work with the man who went on to become a movie action hero.

The pair began their long-time friendship on the set of Coppola's movie, and it appears that Reeves refused to act on advice from the movie director while on set. Speaking to The Sunday Times, Ryder reveals that the actor refused to insult her during a scene in which she was supposed to cry (and couldn't).

The scene in question is when Ryder's Mina Harker sees Gary Oldman’s Dracula transform into a pile of rats, to which her character can't handle seeing. According to the actress, director Coppola stood off-camera repeatedly shouting "You whore!" in order to get her to believably cry.

However, when Coppola also attempted to get the film’s male cast to join in, which included Richard E. Grant, Anthony Hopkins, as well as Reeves, the two latter refused to take any part in the abuse-hurling initiative.

She told the publication: "But Keanu wouldn’t, Anthony wouldn’t … It just didn’t work. I was, like, really? It kind of did the opposite."

She and the director have since patched things up and are "good now", but the moment created a long-time friendship between herself and Reeves.

Hilariously, while filming their on-screen characters' wedding in 'Dracula', a real Romanian priest was drafted in on set to do the deed, which resulted in Winona Ryder and Keanu Reeves allegedly being married for real. Since then, the friends have starred opposite each-other in 'A Scanner Darkly' and 'Destination Wedding'.