CinemaTogether celebrates the power of watching movies together and the special role that cinemas hold in our local communities and they've teamed up with the Virgin Media Dublin International Film Festival 2021 to give one lucky winner a pass to the whole thing.

Yes, the entire virtual festival from the comfort of your home, all thanks to CinemaTogether. Here's what you need to do.

Share a selfie photo or video on Instagram and/or Twitter and say (& type) “When I return to the cinema…” or “I can’t wait to return to the cinema because…“ and post it with both #MyGreatEscape and #CinemaTogether.

Make sure the post is made public for the #filter to pick it up.

You can post as often as you wish and get your friends to do it too. All posts are in with a chance to win a VMDIFF21 entire festival pass and other tickets for VMDIFF21. Full detail of competition on

Don’t feel like posting on social media? Just fill in the form on for a chance to win a ticket for the VMDIFF21 opening night film on 3rd March. Or do both!