Although people would usually associate Will Ferrell with Ron Burgundy, Ricky Bobby or any of his comedies, he has been known to do the odd serious role here and there.

The excellent dramedy Stranger Than Fiction, for example, really showed Ferrell's ability to rein in his wackier, out-sized sensibilities and play a deeply human role. Sure, it was about a guy who was having his life narrated by Emma Thompson, but his performance really couldn't be faulted.

Ronald Reagan's always been a contentious figure in film; whether it's because of his own background as a B-movie actor or his close relationship with film, it's always been a sore spot. However, there hasn't been any biopic of the President's turbulent office - until now, that is.

A Black List (that's the list of the best unproduced screenplays) script by Mike Rosolio has come up with a pretty ingenious way of taking on Reagan's second term. As we know, the former President was diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease in later life, however the film pitches that Reagan began showing signs of dementia during his second term in office. An ambitious young intern is tasked with convincing the ailing Reagan that he is, in fact, starring in a film where he's playing the President.

It's pretty controversial stuff, considering there's no concrete evidence to suggest that Reagan began showing signs of Alzheimer's while he was in office.

Ferrell has signed on to produce and star as Reagan, however no director has been attached as of yet.


Via Variety