We reported some time ago that Angelina Jolie was being courted either to star or possibly direct the upcoming Captain Marvel movie.

What with DC / Warners ramping up Wonder Woman for a 2016 release, Marvel / Disney are now on the back-foot when it comes to female-centric comic-book movies. That's a lot of hyphens.

Anyway, the latest rumour around the proverbial campfire is that Charlize Theron is being wooed to take on the role of Carol Danvers AKA Captain Marvel.

It's understood that Theron, who's no stranger to action movies or blockbusters, got friendly with Jolie at a party and the two discussed the possibility of her starring in Captain Marvel.

So, Theron as Marvel / Danvers? That's a pretty solid bit of casting, if we do say so. She was utterly fantastic as Furiosa in Fury Road, so we're eager to see her back on the big screen and being a bad-ass.

Jolie directing, on the other hand, we're not so hot on. Unbroken was a wet blanket and pretty unforgettable, so we're hoping Michelle MacLaren - who recently exited the Wonder Woman standalone movie - will be brought on instead of Jolie.

That said, we're a long way off from November 2nd, 2018 - so anything's possible this far out.


Via Yahoo!