Well be the love and honour of Jaysus, 'tis a great day indeed to be writing this story about how 'Wild Mountain Thyme' is getting a release date in the old sod.

'Tis been announced by the Lionsgate crowd, distributing the fillum so they are, that 'Wild Mountain Thyme' will be available to us poor, lowly Irish peasant stock on January 8th, in the year of our lord 2021. That'd be just this Friday, so it 'twould. Sure didn't we find out from IFCO, no less.

Well, now, seeing as how it's the Lord's Day at the minute, sure we can't go and ask the Lionsgate shower for a review copy, but we'll tell you this for nothin' at all that we'll be on the e-mail to them first thing tomorrow, so we will. Sure we can't be letting a fillum like this go by without giving her the once over, y'know yourself sure.

Can't be doing that, not at all not at all. Sure we may even write the review in this 'oul farmerspeak because, bejaysus, 'tis a good bit of craic in all in anyways, hah?

Sure we all love a bit of a jape every now and then, begod.