With the Oscars set to take place in just two weeks, we're slowly gearing up for a much weirder awards season than ever before.

For one, much of the movies nominated this year haven't been shown here in Ireland. On top of that, the usual red carpet won't be quite as packed and on top of that, actors will be allowed to join the ceremony via Zoom.

Still and all, there's years upon years of Oscar glory so one year where it's a little muted isn't the worst of the worst.

For this quiz, we've got 10 Oscar winners and all you've got to do is pick the winner. Unless specifically stated, we're looking for the person who won Best Actor or Best Actress. We don't care if they won Best Supporting Actor or Actress, but we're sure they do.

You've got 90 seconds on the clock, which is roughly about the same time it takes to make an Oscar speech. Sadly, however, we don't have the option to blast music at you to get you to hurry up, so you'll have to imagine it instead.

Good luck!