It’s that time of week again people, where we see what the American critics think of their current crop of new releases. Up this week is Narnia sequel Prince Caspian, and coming-of-age drama How The Garcia Girls Spent Their Summer (apparently shagging) . The First Narnia film did massive box-office, despite widely being seen as a poor cousin of Lord of the Rings; this time most critics appear to like where they’ve taken the sequel. Entertainment Weekly thought that it was a "fierce and somber battle epic"; while Variety added that it’s a "bit darker, more conventional and more crisply made than its 2005 predecessor". Not everyone loved it though; as the ever-reliable Peter Travers at Rolling Stone felt something was lacking, "this sequel could have used more hellfire" before adding "you leave feeling covered in a blanket of bland". Garcia Girls stars America Ferrera in a story of sexual awakening. Not many outlets have posted reviews yet, but the early consensus is positive; Newsblaze seemed to give us too much information, saying "Bless me father for I have fornicated, and loved it". Ah we know what she means. Next week see’s the highly anticipated launch of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Krystal Skull.