It's billed as ODEON's immersive film experience, but what does that mean? How big is the screen? What's the sound like? Well, that's where we come in.


So exactly how big is ODEON iSense screen?

ODEON iSense screen is 8 metres high by 16 metres wide. Most standard cinemas are usually somewhere in the region of 5 metres high and 11 metres wide. That's all figures, sure, so let's break it down another way. Let's use a Dublin Bus as a frame of reference. Most Dublin Buses range from 10 to 12 metres in length. Odeon iSense screen is 16 metres wide, meaning you could technically park a Dublin Bus in front of the screen and you'd still be able to see at least part of the screen. That's not even counting being able to see through the windows of the bus, too.


What about the projector?

The projector for ODEON iSense uses 4K projection, which means it's able to project 9 million pixels across the screen. Not only that, the screen itself is specifically curved to ensure the light is captured fully in the screen and doesn't miss the edges. If you want to put that in perspective, the iPhone 7 has a pixel size of 1,334 pixels high by 750 pixels across for 326 pixels per inch. We're not doing the math on that, but yeah, it's better than an iPhone 7.

And the sound?

ODEON iSense uses Dolby Atmos speakers, which are state-of-the-art and individually controlled speakers. That means the sound comes from each speaker individually, depending on if the movie you're watching was made with Dolby Atmos support. So, say for example that a character's talking on the left-hand side of the screen and way at the back. That could mean that the far left speaker will only carry that sound. There are no measurements on the sound that we can compare it against, so just take our word for it that sounds amazing.



ODEON iSense is available at ODEON Point Square, ODEON Charlestown, and ODEON Blanchardstown.

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