Wesley Snipes, in an interview with Yahoo, revealed the advice he would give the new man stepping into the role of Blade.

"Make sure you're in shape," Snipes started off with the most practical of tips for the part.

"Try not to get hurt… The demands of an action movie is you've gotta be an elite athlete, and being well-conditioned to survive and to avoid injury."

The last tip he gave was probably the most touching, "Enjoy it while it lasts."

Snipes said he had previously spoken to Ali and doesn't hold any ill-will towards the man taking over as 'Blade'.

"I don't walk around as Blade, so I'm not attached to the character like that. I feel no emotional loss, zero, and I'm happy that he's being recast and will more than likely do a great job."

When Ali was originally cast back in 2019, Snipes reacted very graciously. He called Ali "a beautiful and talented artist whose expressions I look forward to experiencing for many years to come. Inshallah, we will someday work together."

What a good sport Mr. Snipes seems to be. We'd love to see the two side by side in some sort of multiverse situation. Knowing the MCU's history, we wouldn't rule it out.

Snipes has left a massive legacy for Ali to take over from. Blade as a franchise is way ahead of its time and was a huge jump forward for black actors starring in superhero movies.

Ali recently made his first (voice-only) appearance in the MCU, featuring in the post-credits scene for 'Eternals'.

A standalone movie is currently in the works but no release date has been announced yet.