It's hard enough for a father to even let his daughter out of his sight unless she's swathed in some frumpy beige cocoon, so as to fend off all the leering perverts that the father imagines will be waiting for his daughter once she steps out. But imagine how difficult a pill it would be to swallow when you've to endure your daughter's on screen raunchy sex scenes? Pass me the bucket. Anyhoo, it's quite the contrary for father and daughter Ray and Jamie Winstone; Jaime Winstone says her father Ray Winstone isn't 'fazed' by her sex scenes in the slightest.

The 28-year-old actress - who is famous for playing Becky in the film 'Kidulthood' and had a racy role in horror role 'Donkey Punch' - insists her big screen tough guy dad and her mother, Elaine McCausland, are supportive of every single role she does even if it requires her to strip naked or appear in lovemaking scenes.

'My mum and dad aren't fazed by anything. I have never been scared to turn around and tell them anything. Even with 'Kidulthood', I knew it would be fine. Everyone asked me, 'What's your dad going to say?' But I knew my dad would be proud of me. A lot of people don't get that. He is always behind me and he gives me the best advice.'

Jaime doesn't have any body hang ups when it comes to baring her flesh on screen, but admits she has to work hard at maintaining her slim physique because it doesn't come naturally.

Speaking to The Sun, she said: 'I don't really have body issues - I'm not that vain - but I'm not blessed with being naturally slim.

'There are moments where you look at yourself on screen and go, 'f***ing hell, that is awful', But you can't let it eat you alive. In a way, it's not your body - it's your character's.'