The Karate Kid
Saturday: TV3 2.45pm
Who doesn't love this film? C'mon, from the classic tune with that geezer from Chicago (the band, not the place) warbling "I am the man who will fiiiiight for your hoooonour", to the whole crane thing (which frankly was a bit of a crap move, but still inexplicably cool). Daniel Laruso is a bit of a geek, who yearns to learn how to handle himself after getting a series of lickings from the local high school bully and his gang of butch mates. Local shopkeep, Mr Miyagi, takes "Daniel-son" under his wing and ends up teaching him more than just how to fight; while Daniel also manages to bag the adolescent object of my affection, Elizabeth Shue. What results is 80's cheese at its finest, as Rocky director John Avildsen amps up the bopping soundtrack and delivers a film that evokes almost unparalleled bouts of nostalgic sentiment. Make sure you stretch before trying the crane, though; I've pulled many a hamstring.    

Punch Drunk Love
Saturday: TV3. 11.40pm
It may be on ridiculously late, but this is well worth staying up for. Directed by Magnolia helmer Paul Thomas Anderson, it's a subversive tale that saw Adam Sandler finally put his distracters to bed. He gives a brilliant performance as Barry Egan, who has developed slightly backward social skills on account of his seven sisters continuously wrecking his head. Barry deals with his emotions by repressing them, then sporadically lashing out; that is, until he meets Emily Mortimer and begins to figure out a much more productive way of expressing himself. This is proof if ever any were needed that Adam Sandler has got bags of thespian ability underneath all the knob and fart jokes. Film of the weekend by a mile. 

Independence Day
Sunday: Channel 4, 9.00pm
Upon its release in the mid 90's, this was an actual event that could only really be matched by the Dinosaurs of Jurassic Park. Granted, its hyperbolic release may have had more to do with a hugely innovative marketing campaign, but the effects still hold up pretty well, while it was Will Smith's first real blockbuster role - so it's worth a gander for that alone. Aliens are intent on taking over the world, see, and start by blowing up famous landmarks all over the place - including, most memorably, The White House. Smith's fighter pilot and Jeff Goldblum's scientist battle to save the planet, as Bill Pullman's gung-ho president utters some of the worst dialogue in cinematic history. It's all good fun though; even if the world is saved by a dim-witted excuse for a conclusion. I wanna get up there and whoop ET's ass, indeed. You go Big Willy.