The summer may be on it's way out but at the Lighthouse cinema things are just beginning to heat up. Hot on the heels of the amazing LCD Soundsystem screening which took over the cinema this Tuesday, tonight Element Pictures are inviting you and your mates to come donned in your holiday finest for a Weekend at Bernie's themed party which let's face it, sounds like an awful lot of fun.

For those of you who aren't aware of this 80s party classic, Weekend at Bernie's tells the story of Richard and Larry - two enterprising young insurance company employees - who find themselves invited to their boss Bernie's house for a party weekend they'd never forget. Sure, they'd remember it for quite some time, but not for the reasons they'd initially hoped: upon arriving at the party, the unsuspecting duo find that Bernie is dead and what's more, Bernie's killers may now be after them. Well if that doesn't get you in the mood for a party, I don't know what will.


There's promise of €4 cocktails and a few surprises on the night. Tickets can be bought here on and by the way, they're totally serious about the Hawaiin shirts, flip flops and neon coloured shades.


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(*Smithfield, Dublin 7)