The pair were chatting to our own Mike Sheridan for an episode of The Delve.

Marvel’s latest blockbuster is just around the corner and we recently had the chance to sit down with two of its stars, Tom Hardy and Riz Ahmed. Hardy plays titular character Eddie Brock / Venom while former 'Rogue One: A Star Wars Story' star Ahmed plays Carlton Drake / Riot. Michelle Williams, Scott Haze and Reid Scott also star with Ruben Fleischer in the director’s chair.

They talked about meeting for the first time on the set of a reality TV show, UFC, maintaining intensity during the filming of ‘Venom’ and how they approached their roles.

Although Hardy was on promotional duty we also had to ask him about his well-known love of dogs. Whether he’s quoting Bane lines to them, or bringing them to premieres, we’re not sure anybody loves dogs more than Tom.

Listen to the end to hear what he had to say:

‘Venom’ hits Irish cinemas on October 4th.