When an actor is out actively promoting a movie it can get a bit tiresome for both the actor and the audience. When they're appearing in all of the late night talk shows, after a while they're going run out of things to talk about right? 

Will Ferrell is having to do twice the amount of work as usual right now as he promotes both Daddy's Home and Zoolander 2 so he could have been forgiven for phoning it in when he appeared on Seth Myers last night. 

Thankfully that wasn't the case as he decided to give a few shout outs to the people in his day to day life who have affected him in both positive and negative ways. 

Poor Enrique. To be fair though, he really should have made sure Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves was in stock. We can totally understand Ferrell's reaction to being denied access to such a classic. 

We're also sure the Queen of England will be delighted to learn of Ferrell's red hot passion for her. One would be most pleased indeed.