We were just as surprised as you are.

Deadpool is arguably the best film Ryan Reynolds has done since Van Wilder: Party Liaison (sorry) and a lot of that is down to the fact it was so genuinely rare to see superheroes using curse words with any kind of regularity.

We're not saying it was a better BECAUSE of the cursing, but the fact that it wasn't afraid to pass by a safer rating or reach a wider audience earned a lot of respect from ourselves and those who watched it. But, when you boil it down to just those parts, i.e. the cursing, does Deadpool still work?

Yes, surprisingly. This video, edited together by YouTube channel Inside Reviews, demonstrates thusly.

Take a look.

Like we said, still totally works and the story beats are more or less exactly the same. Imagine if all films were condensed down like this. Martin Scorsese's Casino would still probably be an hour and a half, in fairness.


Via YouTube