It's not often we get starstruck or emotional when we do these interviews, but meeting comedy genius Amy Poehler was one of the few times we swallowed a loud 'SQUEEEEE' as we sat down for the interview.

God, she's so just funny.

Poehler plays Joy, the emotion who gets lost inside the head of Riley - a twelve-year old girl who's moved from Minnesota to San Francisco. When she and Sadness, voiced by Phyllis Nelson, are separated from her other emotions and cast out into the wilderness of Riley's mind, the two embark on a journey that'll change both them and Riley forever.

We - d'uh, obviously - did a quiz with her. We showed Amy Poehler a number of images and asked her what emotions she felt.

Needless to say, she was an absolute delight.

Inside Out is in Irish cinemas on July 24th.