You may recall earlier this year that Woody Harrelson directed a film that was the first-ever feature to be broadcast live to a cinema.

The grand experiment was basically a melding of theatre and film, with an audience watching the whole thing unfold via one single camera chasing Woody Harrelson's elaborately staged plans across London. The reviews were resoundingly positive and the whole weirdness of the thing really worked with what Harrelson was going for.

The film has a pretty great cast who went along with the whole thing, including Willie Nelson and Owen Wilson playing heightened versions of themselves, and Irish actor Martin McCann in there as the cop that arrests Harrelson. The whole thing has a crazed, fly-on-the-wall vibe and looks like a lot of fun.

There's been no word yet on an Irish cinematic release, but this definitely looks like one to keep an eye out for.