Granted, October 31st isn't for another seven months - but if you're planning on going all-out for the decorations this year and you've got AT LEAST a few grand to spend, consider buying this.

The decoration, which was based on Pennywise from last year's smash-hit adaptation of Stephen King's It, was shown at the TransWorld Halloween & Attractions trade show in St. Louis, Missouri for potential buyers.

It's... well, look, it's pretty extreme. So be aware before you hit play on the video. This is your last warning.

So, yeah, it's pretty extreme. The animatronic isn't intended for home use and is more specifically for haunted house attractions and the like, so if you happen to see something like this next Hallowe'en, know that it probably cost the owner an actual fortune.

Also, who would spend that kind of money on something like this?!


Via YouTube