Messed up is the word you're looking for.

Although Finding Dory is a couple of weeks away from our cinema screens - July 29th, to be exact - we're hearing nothing but good reports from US critics who've been lucky enough to see the film. It's got that great mixture of warmth, humour and a great story to boot.

So, in order to make it completely unpalatable for just about everyone, let's see what it would like if George RR Martin - the creator of Game of Thrones - would do with it.

Take a look.

Yes, it's bad. Oh, it's very, very bad. It's almost as bad as that time a schoolteacher ended up showing a classroom a screening of The Human Centipede 2.

As messed up as George RR Martin's supposed vision is, we'd probably end up watching it because come on - how good as this season of Game of Thrones been so far?


Via YouTube