Via Sony Pictures, we've gotten a sneak-peak of what's to come from packed-to-the-brim celebrity apocalypse movie, This Is The End. What's most interesting about this flick is the idea of seeing the stars we know and love play themselves. This here featurette raises the question of 'well, is that really what you're like?' but what we learn (or what we hope, at least) is that James Franco, Danny McBride and the rest are actually playing rather awful versions of themselves. If James Franco is that weird and obsessed with Seth Rogen, I'll be very upset.

I'm also excited to see Emma Watson as Emma Watson and Rihanna too (I avoided Battleship like the plague because I so wanted to continue enjoying her music and not have it ruined by her dearth of acting skills). At least here, she doesn't need to act, she just needs to pop her head into the mother of all parties and then whack Michael Cera over the head. Hardly rocket science.

This is The End hits Irish cinemas on Friday June 28th and you can stay tuned for our exclusive interview with Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg later today.