Niclolas Cage's film output in the past decade is like opening a packet of Bertie Bott's Every Flavoured Beans, you literally could get anything. 

His latest film is case and point. Based on the true and tragic story of the USS Indianapolis which set out on a secret mission in 1945 (to transport the very bomb that would end the war) only to be sunk by Japanese torpedoes on its return voyage.  Approximately 300 of the 1196 crew went down with the ship with the remaining 880 facing dehydration, exposure and shark attacks while awaiting rescue. Only 321 were rescued from the water, and of those just 316 survived.

The three minute trailer is easily up there with some of the worst we've ever seen. With several scenes that veer dangerously close to schlock, it looks like the heroes of the USS Indianapolis are not going to get the movie portrayal that they deserve.

Take a look for yourself. 

Between the awful special effects and the blending of real life shark footage with scenes from the movie, it's hard to see where this one will redeem itself.  

USS Indianapolis: Men of Courage currently doesn't have an Irish release date and to be honest we'd be very surprised if it gets a release here.