See, that's the problem with text-based communication.

You can't really get the inflection you get from us actually telling you that this is a work of art. This is why we think the Sarcasm symbol should become more popularly used. We're calling it art with giant, neon-lit, 12 foot quotation marks that need a diesel generator to power.

It's a work of art in the same way Robert DeNiro's nose-dived his career. It's horrifying in every sense of the word, but you've got to give him credit.

Abandon all hope, ye who enter.

How long ago was Kindergarten Cop? Twenty-six years ago. That's a responsible adult now. You could probably be approved for a mortgage and have a decent career at that age.

So, why in all that time, did nobody think to make a sequel then? Let's be honest here, was the first one even that good? Sure, it was cute and funny and we can all quote it - but did it need a sequel? Twenty-six years after the fact?

No. No, it didn't. Why now, eh? WHY NOW.