The first trailer for James Gandolfini's last film, crime-drama 'The Drop' has arrived.

Also starring our favourite Batman baddie Tom Hardy and The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo's Noomi Rapace (as the love interest of course), the flick follows Hardy's character Bob Saginowski, a loner barman with a shady past who adopts an abandoned pit bull puppy he finds in a bin.


So far, so almost...heartwarming.

Except the Boston bar where Bob earns his bread and butter is one of better-not-rear-your-head-unless-you-want-it-shot-off kind of places that's owned by Tony Soprano Bob's cousin Marv (Gandolfini), a man of questionable character, and the pup's former owner turns out to be someone you don't want to mess with. We say, expect plenty of violence.

The movie will hit Irish screens in November.