The story of Rocky Balboa has managed to stretch to seven movies so far. So surely the story of the man that inspired Rocky is worth one right?

The lively first trailer has been released for Chuck, a biopic about Chuck Wepner, the man that inspired Sylvester Stallone to write Rocky. 

Wepner was a heavyweight boxer in the 70s who went 15 rounds with Muhammad Ali and once fought a bear in the ring (we shit you not, it's in the trailer). His proudest achievement though was being the real “Rocky,” which looks to be what the biopic will focus on as Wepner looks to navigate the highs and lows of sudden fame

Liev Schrieber plays Wepner in the film that also stars Naomi Watts and Elizabeth Moss as his love interests, while Ron Pearlman and comedian Jim Gaffigan also feature.