But first he wants to tell us about his favourite thing – Family.

Vin Diesel was recently interviewed by Entertainment Tonight for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, which just had an excellent opening weekend having made $101.2 million in the box office internationally.

Diesel, who plays Baby Groot in the movie, talked about the relief of not having to have ‘washboard abs’ for the flick (as his character is CGI).

He also spoke excitedly about making a movie that his children (Hania, Vincent and Pauline) could go see.

It was then revealed that there was very little audio processing needed for Baby Groot’s voice as Vin did most of the work to make the character sound younger than his counterpart in the first GOTG. The actor has imitated cartoons since he was young which lent itself perfectly to this role. He talks about it below:


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