After the so-so first trailer, we've got to admit that this new one for Star Trek Beyond is vastly improved.

It's not just because it has a much better soundtrack (although we do love Beastie Boys), there's a real sense that it's much more closer to the Star Trek we know and love. Not only that, you've really got a sense that Chris Pine is maturing into the role of Kirk quite nicely.

As well as this, it doesn't give away half the plot - something we've waxed lyrical about before. There's a bit more to see of Idris Elba's villain, the new-look Enterprise and you've also got Bones and Kirk sipping on booze.

Really, what more can you ask for? Take a look.

As for the Star Trek TV series, it's been confirmed that it won't necessarily be set in this particular timeframe. However, it may possibly nod towards it as Alex Kurtzmann, one of the writers of the first two rebooted films, is serving as an executive producer.

Star Trek Beyond lands in Irish cinemas on July 22nd of this year.