There's been a few reviews we've done, down through the years, where we know we got it wrong on first viewing and awarded the wrong score.

Spectre is one of them. It had an amazing opening sequence, a great cast and what should have been an interesting story - how did it get to be so pedestrian? We're not sure. Granted, on first viewing, we were so caught up it in all that, had we got a second viewing or an earlier screening, our review would have been a bit harsher. Who knows.

Anyway, a Honest Trailer has been a long time coming for Spectre and sure enough, this one delivers in spades. For one, we definitely got the whole Star Trek Into Darkness / villain thing right away; that was pretty dumb. While we thought Craig being a bit more relaxed was because he was four films in, the Honest Trailer caught it as sleepwalking his way through the film.

The underdeveloped female sex objects, yes, but that's like saying the problem with Star Wars is that it's unrealistic. Bond films have ALWAYS been problematic when it came to female characters and Spectre was no different.

Ah well. Here's hoping whoever takes over next is able to right some of these wrongs. You can read our musings on the topic off over yonder and find out the results of our poll on who should be the next Bond as well.

In the meantime, here's the Honest Trailer.


Via YouTube