As has been mentioned before, Matthew McConaughey's 2016 output has been relatively poor by his recent standards.

His latest film, Sea of Trees, bombed at the US Box Office, taking in just $3,000 on it's opening weekend

However, the year's not over yet and it looks like the Oscar winner has a trump card up his sleeve if the trailer for his next film is anything to go by. 

McConaughey plays a down-on-his-luck hustler who journeys deep into the jungles of Borneo with Edgar Ramirez to discover the biggest gold find in history. Their new found wealth ensures that McConaughey can keep Bryce Dallas Howard in a succession of slinky gold dresses. But everybody wants a piece of the action, and once the FBI gets involved, McConaughey has to work overtime to protect his lavish new life from going up in smoke.

McConaughey gained 40 pounds for the role and looks almost unrecognisable with his balding hairstyle. We could be looking at another Oscar nomination for McConaughey come January. 

We're going to go see it for the tiger petting scene alone. 

Via Vulture