Although we did post a blurry, cinema-recorded version of the trailer, it seems only fair that we now post the fully HD and official version of Deadpool 2's teaser.

Serious question, though, and if Ryan Reynolds is reading this (he isn't), maybe he can answer - how exactly did they manage to get John Williams' music from Superman from Warner Bros. without there being some kind of a gigantic pay-off in some kind?

Was this part of his deal for doing Green Lantern, maybe? He does Green Lantern and then he gets to use music from Superman for any future project that he sees fit. That has to be it. Or it could be that Lauren Shuler Donner, one of the executive producers on Deadpool, is married to Richard Donner, who was the director of Superman back in 1978.

Right, that's enough filler. Here's the video.