It's been a great year for movies, and YouTuber Sleepy Skunk celebrated that by mashing up all his favourite bits of trailers from the year in this pretty damn epic compilation.

The editing alone is unbelievably good and must have taken a serious amount of effort.

Louis Plamondon, the man behind the Sleepy Skunk YouTube account, has made these video movie mashups the last few years and they have proven a huge hit.

So do yourself a favour and sit back and enjoy...

You can see what movies were featured and in what order on Sleepy Skunk's Tumblr page, while the songs used are below;

1. 'Short Change Hero' - Performed by The Heavy (XL Recordings)
2. 'White Rabbit (Let's Be Friends Remix)' - Performed by Kalm Kaoz
3. 'Reaching' - Performed by Audiomachine (Counter Records)