Calum Best, son of legendary footballer George Best, has pretty much made a career for himself going from one reality TV show to the next, and is currently residing in the Celebrity Big Brother house.

However, his reasons for entering (not that he would need any) have become clearer as it's emerged that he will be starring in an upcoming action flick called Dangerous Game.

Best is set to play a top footballer who also finds himself dabbling in armed robbery on the side.

Not only that, but Darren Day features as a Russian gangster with the accent to boot, while former cage fighter and ex CBB housemate Alex Reid also shows up, along with former TOWIE star Ricky Rayment and some other faces you might recognise from Love Island and Ex on the Beach.

Honestly, the whole thing is like a sketch.

Apparently it's legit though, and will be in cinemas on June 16th.

Your reaction will probably be summed up at the 1 min. 38 second mark in the movie's trailer below.