While there's always going to be contention over which 'Sister Act' movie is better, there's no denying that the first film is a comedy classic and to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the film's release, Whoopi Goldberg had an all-singing, all-dancing reunion on 'The View' with a few surprises thrown in for good measure.

Kathy Najimy and Wendy Makkena, aka Sister Mary Patrick and Sister Mary Robert, joined Goldberg on her daytime talk show 'The View' for the reunion special, and reminisced about their time on set and the hijinks they got up to with their costumes (including putting porn on their hotel TV before calling room service up).

Harvey Keitel, the gangster and former flame of Deloris in the film, also surprised Goldberg by making an appearance and gifting her a replica of the purple fur coat her character got in the film, this time with her name in it. And while Dame Maggie Smith couldn't be there, she did send a video message along for good measure.

It was all capped off with a performance of 'I Will Follow Him' from the film's finale and while it wasn't pitch perfect by any means, it was definitely enjoyable and will result in the song being stuck in your head all day. Which is a great thing, really.