If you loved Scarlett Johansson in her role as Black Widow in the Marvel Universe movies, well prepare yourself to be very excited because 'Lucy' is going to make Black Widow seem like a pussycat.

Set in Taipei, Johansson is the titular Lucy who finds herself an unwilling drug mule for some shady characters and then after accidentally ingesting said drug, gains superhuman intelligence and strength and untold other skills. In typical Luc Besson fashion, this is a sci-fi romp with all the bells and whistles, as Lucy becomes more and more intelligent and turns into an ass-kicking machine as well as developing some serious mental abilities, all thanks to her bow souped-up brain (think Milla Jovovich in The Fifth Element).

Also starring Morgan Freeman as a scientist who specializes in brain functionality and whatnot, Besson described the film as being 'about pure intelligence. We’re basically using 10 percent of our brain. What happens when we use more?'. We guess we're going to (hypothetically) find out.

Lucy is slated to hit screens on August 8th.