We’ve seen a number of Taken-like films and Bryan Mills-esque heroes in recent years – The Equaliser starring Denzel Washington, 3 Days to Kill starring Kevin Costner, and Stolen (which has to be the least inventive name) starring Nicholas Cage are the most immediate that come to mind here.

Now Academy Award winner (remember he won one?) Jamie Foxx has taken on the latest knock-off of the Taken franchise.

In Sleepless, Jamie Foxx plays undercover cop Vincent Downs, who is caught up between a team of corrupt cops and a mob-controlled casino underground. His son gets abducted after a heist goes wrong, and Downs has "one sleepless night ... to rescue his son, evade an internal affairs investigation and bring the kidnappers to justice."

Gabrielle Union and Michelle Monaghan co-star as Foxx's ex and a suspicious internal-affairs officer, respectively.