Although neither film scored well critically, Pitch Perfect and Pitch Perfect 2 were both hugely successful at the box office and that's enough to get a comedy sequel nowadays.

In fact, Pitch Perfect made $115.4 million worldwide and the sequel racked up $287.5 million - so it only stands to reason that Pitch Perfect 3 is going to make more money, especially when you consider the fact that much of the film is going to be set overseas as the Barden Bellas join a USO tour.

There also looks like there's some sort of explosions or international plot that they get wrapped up in, Ruby Rose is in there playing some kind of indie rock chick because that's a huge stretch, and you've got Elizabeth Banks and John Michael Higgins in there being way more funny that the entire film's cast put together.

It'll probably be crap, but it'll make a fortune. Pitch Perfect 3 hits Irish cinemas on December 22nd.


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