It's safe to say that the 'About A Boy' Nicholas Hoult is dead and gone.

Nicholas Hoult really has managed to transition from child actor to mainstream megastar with remarkable success and apparent ease. We barely even think of him as Tony from 'Skins' any more, let alone Marcus, so much has he changed from his early days. And now with a franchise under his belt in the form of X-Men, his leading man starpower is coming into its own in the Owen Harris directed 'Kill Your Friends'.

Based on the best-selling novel by John Niven, 'Kill Your Friends' is a dark satire of life working in the Britpop music industry starring Hoult as Steven Stelfox, a 27-year-old A&R rep looking to stay on top by any means necessary. And thankfully, rather than going all 'Jerry Maguire', 'Kill Your Friends' takes things literally and so begins the 'Patrick Bateman' portion of Nicholas Hoult's career.

Also starring Ed Skrein, Craig Roberts, Rosanna Arquette, Tim Riley, James Corden and Georgia King, we have a good feeling about this one.

'Kill Your Friends' is set for release in Irish cinemas on November 6th.