We reported yesterday that Sir Scott has pulled out of the Blade Runner sequel, which is a real shame.

Exodus: Gods & Kings hasn't even hit the cinemas yet and already it's been getting a bit of controversy thrown its way.

Sir Scott basically said that the reason why he's cast European / American actors in the roles of Arabic and Hebrew figures is because he can't get funding with an unknown "Mohammad so-and-so."

Fair enough, so.

Anyhoo, a new two-minute trailer's just gone online and it's biblical. GET IT? BECAUSE IT'S A BIBLE STORY.

Nothing? Whatever.



We're really digging Joel Edgerton's attempt at doing a Richard Burton and Christian Bale is, as always, shouting at people and things.

Also, the visuals do look pretty great and Scott's never lacked for visual styling and flair so there's that.

We'll have to see - the film's out on December 26th.