We are very excited here in entertainment.ie for the release of the third and final installment of the The Hangover next week. And we have a new red band trailer for you (for those under 18 look away now) that was released online today. The trailer begins with Alan (Zach Galifianakis) reminiscing about the Wolfpack's adventures so far before he announces he must resign from the pack for good. But is it really the end?

Breaking away from the tried and tested formula of the previous two movies, there are no weddings or bachelor parties this time; the third movie focuses on our favourite character Alan. So what can we expect? The film starts with Alan burying his Dad and, not coping with it well at all, Stu, Doug and Phil decide to bring Alan to a psychiatric hospital. However they get a little sidetracked along the way when a gang kidnap Doug forcing them to track down Leslie Chow. And then the mayhem begins. A return trip to Vegas and the return of 'Black Doug' are to be expected. After the disappointment that was the The Hangover 2 we hope this film lives up to expectations. The Hangover Part III hits our screens on the 24th May.