It's always haunting when we see new work from someone who's gone too soon; it gives us a window into their creativity like never before.

Robin Williams was known for his infectious personality and boundless improvisation. He reportedly spending hours upon hours in the recording studio for Disney classic Aladdin, coming up with line after line and take after take for his character.

It's even rumoured that Williams essentially ad-libbed most of his dialogue, with animators working around his dialogue to create the visuals after rather than before - as the normal case with animation. You have to remember that, back in 1992 when Aladdin was first released, animation was still drawn mostly by hand was incredibly expensive - meaning that quite an amount of Williams' takes and dialogues went used and wound up on the cutting room floor.

Until now, that is.

As part of a new re-release of Aladdin on Blu-Ray, Disney have found and processed some of Robin Williams' outtakes from his recording sessions and spliced them with mock animation that was used during the early pre-visualisation stages of the film.

It's pretty bittersweet, but it's a reminder that his creativity and spark of imagination was truly boundless.

Take a look.


Via YouTube