Say what you will about Michael Shannon, but never say that he's not willing to speak his mind and be quite candid about things he doesn't like.

Shannon sat down with Vanity Fair at the Toronto International Film Festival to discuss Tom Ford's 'Nocturnal Animals' and instead of doning his finest penguin suit and going down the path his publicist wanted him to, he spoke beyond candidly about his experiences on various sets, with different actors and directors, with auditions and even about his choice of casual wear (which is actually inspired).

Shannon was asked if he auditions anymore and replied by saying he hadn't in a while but did for Alexander Payne 'because he’s Alexander Payne, so he gets to do that' but admitted that he 'didn’t really like him very much. He should’ve cast me and he didn’t. He just wasn’t very nice.'

He then continued, unprompted, with 'Woody Allen’s not nice, either. I auditioned for some play he wrote in New York once. He doesn’t even look at you.'

If only every interview could be this refreshing...

Via Indie Wire