Logan will reportedly see Wolverine, the role that made Hugh Jackman a global superstar, take his last outing.

Due for release in Ireland on March 3rd, the film follows the iconic superhero as he tries to find safety for a young girl named Laura and the ailing Professor X. However, Logan’s powers are starting to fail him.

The new trailer doesn’t have quite the emotional impact of the first, which had Johnny Cash singing the melancholic Hurt in the background, but it does feature more footage of Professor X, who is looking pretty world-weary.

Moreover, we see Laura (played by Dafne Keen) reading X-Men comics, which is a nice little wink to fans, plus we see how she is "very much" like Logan, in the words of Professor X. She seems to have a very similar mutation to Wolverine, and is carrying a rage within her not unlike we saw in Logan in the first X-Men movie.

Check it out here: