We'd grown accustom to seeing Justin Timberlake appear in the odd rom-com, and we weren't complaining, but what we didn't expect was for him to show up, beard and all, in a Coen Brothers movie.

Perhaps Timberlake's acting chops extend beyond bumping uglies with Mila Kunis, and we look forward to this one. That being said, he's not front and centre in Inside Llewyn Davis, that's Oscar Isaac's job.

John Goodman also stars, as does the always fantastic Carey Mulligan. It's got a yellowish, grainy look to it, adding to the time period in which it's set: the not so swinging 60's. It's as if the whole movie's been shot through the vintage filter on Instagram. Hipsters are going to love it.

As for the plot? Well it was a major hit at Cannes and centres on a week in the life of struggling musician, Isaacs, who gives the 1960's folk music scene in NYC his best shot. Doesn't go all too well though, as nobody gives a) a hoop about his music or b) a hooop about him at all.

The film comes out December 6th and you can expect some singing out of Trousersnake too.